Tradition Green Powder Matcha Review

Matcha-Green-Tea-PowderWith Tradition Green Powder Matcha you will enjoy delicious Matcha, and as a bonus, numerous health benefits can be expected.  The polyphenols in tea may increase the infection-fighting white blood cells.  Green tea also contains a high level of vitamin C which should be part of any healthy diet.  For dieters, this is a great way to achieve your weight loss goal.  Include the green tea powder in your diet plan along with regular exercise and healthy food and you are sure to see results.

Green tea powder is most effective for those dieters that want to lose several pounds and stay healthy.   Or, if you simply want to maintain your weight and enjoy the health benefits of green tea, this is an excellent option.

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How Can You Use Tradition Green Powder Matcha

In addition to a simple cup of hot tea or iced tea, you can experiment with other recipes.  One simple way to prepare Tradition Green Powder Matcha is extremely fast and easy.  Mix a large batch of green tea in cold water.  Let the tea chill overnight and it should be free of bitterness.  Add a little milk to the tea and the flavor will be enhanced.

The Tradition Green Powder Matcha is very concentrated so it only requires a small amount to get a good result.  It dissolves easily, but you may need to do some taste testing to find the right amount of powder for your taste.  Of course, it can also be added to foods.

For a real taste treat, you can whip  up a Matcha frappuccino.  Simply add ¼ teaspoon of the green tea powder to a glass of milk.  Use an electric froth maker for a creamy blend.

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Comments from Customers

Several customers commented on the great taste of Tradition Green Powder Matcha.  One of the most interesting and unique ideas was a recipe for making green tea popsicles.  Made with green tea powder, a little water and light cream, it provides a tasty summer treat.

Tradition Matcha

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