Matcha Green Tea Powder 

Can dieters really lose weight with green tea powder?

My research on green tea, weight loss and the health benefits of green tea led me to Matcha Green Tea Powder. What caught my eye was the number of excellent customer reviews.  Most consumers had great things to say about Matcha Green Tea Powder.   For me, knowing that other people had great results provided a comfort level.

Matcha Green Tea Powder has been determined to boost the metabolic rate by 35-40%.  Energy levels were significantly increased without the caffeine jitters; it does have some caffeine but does contain any sugar.  It has been shown to decrease the LDL level (bad cholesterol) and for me, this was  important. 

The potent antioxidants have powerful anti-aging properties.  The chlorophyll in Matcha removes harmful toxins and heavy metals from the body.  Bottom line, the Matcha Green Tea Powder is a very healthy product for dieters and those just looking for the benefits of green tea powder. 

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Matcha Green Tea Powder Benefits

Dieters using green tea as a diet aid have been pleased with the convenience of Matcha Green Tea Powder.  It can easily be carried when on the go and eating out; sprinkle some on your food and stay on track with your diet.  Although Matcha has a sweet taste, there are some users that prefer to put the green tea powder in food rather than in a drink. 

With the numerous health benefits provided by green tea, dieters can enjoy improved health as they reach their weight loss goals.  Matcha Green Tea Powder provides fiber, antioxidants and chlorophyll. 

As we know, antioxidants help slow down the aging process and fight the effects of aging.  Chlorophyll acts as an aid to remove toxins from your body and, of course, fiber in our diet is essential to good health.  Fiber provides a host of health benefits and one key benefit of interest to dieters is that of weight control. 

Another huge benefit of green tea powder is the versatility.  It can be mixed with water and enjoyed hot or cold.  Add it to a protein shake, yogurt or Gatorade for a fast snack.  It can be blended with some milk, vanilla and ice cubes for a healthy cold treat.  And, of course, it can be added to food. 

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Customer Feedback 

The majority of the customer reviews for Matcha Green Tea Powder were positive.  Reports of fresh excellent taste were common.  Many of the customers shared ideas and recipes for enjoying the Matcha.  These reviews convinced me personally to give it a try. 

Any negative reviews?  Matcha Green Tea Powder is more expensive than some of the other green tea powder in the market.  But the high quality of this green tea powder seemed to off-set the concern about price.  Quite a few customers reported that they used Matcha in baking and cooking.



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