DoMatcha Green Tea Organic Matcha Review


If you are looking for pure high quality Matcha green tea powder, DoMatcha Green Tea Organic Matcha is definitely a great choice.  This is ceremonial grade tea and 100% authentic Japanese tea.  As a premium Matcha tea, it is grown, harvested and processed in Japan.  Not only is DoMatcha Green Tea Organic Matcha properly grown and processed, it is packaged to maintain flavor and nutrients. 

DoMatcha Green Tea is pure and free of additives.  The organic Matcha green tea is tested and certified by the Japan Organic and Natural Foods Association.  This organization has higher standards and stricter regulations than any of the certification groups in North America. 

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DoMatcha Green Tea Benefits

Because DoMatcha Green Tea powder is packaged in a sealed foil bag and then placed in a sealed tin, you will have the benefit of excellent taste as well as the highest quality nutrients. 

Matcha green tea benefits are truly amazing.  It contains the potent antioxidant EGCG which has anti-aging properties.  Matcha green tea helps regulate blood sugar levels and helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels.  It actually contains about 70 times the antioxidants of orange juice.  Green tea is also well known for weight maintenance and weight loss.   For dieters, DoMatcha Green Tea is an excellent choice.

DoMatcha Green Tea may raise your energy level for up to eight hours without any negative side effects.  Although Matcha green tea contains caffeine, there is a major difference between the caffeine in coffee and that found in Matcha.  The caffeine in Matcha is absorbed slowly and continuously.  There is also an amino acid in Matcha green tea that promotes calmness; this lessens any adverse effect of the caffeine.

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How to Select Matcha Green Tea 

When young tea leaves have been used and the drying process has been correct, the Matcha will be a bright green color.  This is immediately seen when you open the container with the DoMatcha Green Tea Organic Matcha.  So, a simple rule of thumb- the brighter, the better! 

DoMatcha Green Tea stays fresh in the sealed tin.  This preserves the smooth sweet taste of the tea.  You can keep the sealed tin in the refrigerator for added protection.  Also, remember that sometimes less is more so be careful not overdo the Matcha in your drinks. 



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