i Love Dogs Multivitamin with Green Tea

i-Love-Dogs-Multivitamins-With-Green-TeaResearchers have studied and confirmed the benefits of green tea for dogs.  The company i Love Dogs has made available a Multivitamin with Green Tea and Reishi for dogs.  The formula was developed by a veterinarian.  It has been proven that green tea and vitamins are just as important for your dog as they are for you.  These dog vitamins are vital to your dog’s health and should be used throughout the dog’s life.

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When Is a Multivitamin with Green Tea Needed?

All stages of a dog’s life can benefit from i Love Dogs Multivitamins with Green Tea.  For dogs that are growing or older dogs with a poor appetite, these Multivitamins may be the answer.  If your dog has ongoing health issues, you will see improvement with the use of these vitamins.

At some point, every dog will slow down as the aging process accelerates.  The i Love Dogs Multivitamins with Green Tea can help curb the stressors experienced as the dog ages.  I am convinced that vitamins for dogs provide a long healthy life for your pet.

Last year I had to have our beloved Sheltie-Shepherd mix, Spike, put down.  He was almost 18 years old and enjoyed good health for over 17 years.  From the time Spike became part of the family (at six weeks of age); he was given dog vitamins on a regular basis.   We have always had dogs and cats as pets.  I have never had a dog that remained as healthy and lived as long as Spike; previous pets had not been given multivitamins on a regular basis.

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Benefits of i Love Dogs Multivitamins

Multivitamins are essential for active dogs; the dog vitamins will keep the muscles strong and the coat healthy and shiny.  The i Love Dogs Multivitamins with Green Tea has the added benefit of antioxidants from the green tea and the Reishi provides boosted immunity.

Regular use of these vitamins for dogs will result in healthy skin, good eyesight, strong bones and overall good health.  The Multivitamins with Green Tea also provide energy, fight infections and improve digestion.

Are There Any Adverse Affects

As always, use common sense.  Follow the directions and do not give your dog more than the recommended dosage.  The green tea extract used in the i Love Dogs Multivitamins with Green Tea is decaffeinated.  This means that the vitamins have less than a half percent of caffeine which is not harmful to dogs.

If your dog is under the care of a veterinarian for any health issue, be sure you consult with the doctor before using these Multivitamins or any other supplement.  You also need to check with the vet if your dog is already taking vitamin supplements.  Occasionally taking more than one type of dog vitamin can result in too much Vitamin A or D.

The antioxidants in green tea may prevent and may help in the treatment of canine cancer.  This is an issue that should be discussed with the veterinarian.

Just remember that most of the time your dog will receive significant benefits from i Love Dogs Multivitamins with Green Tea.  Providing a long and healthy life for your pet is the most loving thing you can do for this special family member.

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