Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter Review

The Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter can certainly be considered one of the best cat litter formulas available.  Finding the right cat litter is not always easy, but it is important.  Green Tea Leaves Litter satisfies both picky felines and their owners.  It is made of one hundred percent natural ingredients.  It clumps into small pieces and it can be flushed without damage to the plumbing.

Green tea leaves have been added to the wood based litter.  The antioxidants in the green tea act as a deodorant.  The tea combines with the wood to fight bacteria.  As we know, bacteria are the main source of odor.  Reducing cat box odor is a huge concern of cat owners.

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Benefits of Green Tea Cat Litter

Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter does not contain harmful chemicals making it a safe choice for your cats.  Most clumping clay cat litter contains silica dust; although this all natural litter clumps, it does not contain clay or silica dust.  Silica dust can create respiratory problems for your pet.  When this dust enters the lungs, the cat can suffer serious consequences.

All natural litter is also better for cats that experience urinary tract problems.  Low quality litter can exacerbate this medical condition; the cat licks its paws and the fine particles of dust enter the system as an irritant.  Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter is the best cat litter for protecting your pet’s health.

Because the Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter formula is all natural, it is completely biodegradable.  Clay litters create millions of tons of waste which adds the ever increasing problems of landfills.  The Green Tea Litter can also be used as compost.  This is safe and definitely environmentally friendly.

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Final Recommendation

Although Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter may cost slightly more, it does last longer than traditional litter; this would seem to balance the out-of-pocket expense.  Additionally, it can be used as compost.  It is significantly healthier for your pet and controls odor.  Because it clumps and can be flushed, it is convenient to use.

Bottom line, the health benefits of this litter alone justifies any small additional cost.  When you compare the cost of the litter to potential vet visits, the answer is simple.  Green Tea Leaves Cat Litter truly is the best cat litter.


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