Earthbath Green Tea Pet Shampoo Review 

Earthbath-Green-Tea-Pet-ShampooAfter trying several dog shampoos that did not provide great results, I discovered Earthbath Green Tea Pet Shampoo.  It took just one time of using this shampoo to notice the difference.  Our Sheltie/Shepherd had an absolutely beautiful coat; his long hair was healthy and shiny.  The little Yorkie never smelled so good! 

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What Does Earthbath Dog Shampoo Provide  

First of all, the ingredients used in Earthbath Green Tea Shampoo  are natural; no soap and no harsh chemicals.  It is safe for animals over six weeks of age.  The shampoo is a blend of green tea leaf extract, ginseng extract, aloe vera and several other natural ingredients. 

One of the primary ingredients, green tea extract, has powerful antioxidants that deliver protection from environmental damage.  The aloe vera, ginseng and ginger combine to replenish moisturizing skin nutrients.  It soothes and conditions the skin while conditioning the dog’s coat.  The result is a soft and shiny coat. 

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Any Negative Results with Earthbath Green Tea Pet Shampoo

One of my concerns was how the green tea might affect the Yorkie’s sensitive skin.  The shampoo was gentle with absolutely no negative side effects.  Another huge plus was the fact that the shampoo did not interfere with the flea treatments; both dogs remained flea free. 

There are, of course, less expensive dog shampoos but after using Earthbath Green Tea Pet Shampoo, the wonderful results were worth the extra money.   It’s important to note that research confirmed that the Earthbath Shampoo was less expensive purchased online.  As a matter of fact, the price difference was substantial.  Also available are Earthbath Natural Grooming Wipes with green tea.



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