Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea Review

Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings provides tea lovers with an excellent drink for breakfast or any time you want a tasty supercharged drink.  Twinings Tea brings this green tea from the Orient; it comes from the absolutely best tea gardens.  You’ll receive high quality Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings in tins that are sealed in foil to insure freshness.

Each tea leaf is rolled into a very small ball and looks a lot like a lead shot pellet.  If you brew the tea in a glass teapot, you’ll be able to watch these little balls pop open and unfurl.  The taste is slightly smoky with a light delicate aroma.  Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea is an excellent source of healthy antioxidants and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

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Health Benefits of Gunpowder Tea

Are you looking for a healthy energy drink?  Gunpowder green tea may be the answer.  The tea provides an excellent source of natural antioxidants.  Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals; researchers have been encouraged by the positive results seen in studies on the effects of green tea on cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and other serious health problems.  Because of the way it is processed, gunpowder tea has a higher concentration of antioxidants than other green teas.

Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings is also helpful for those wanting to lose weight or to maintain weight.  The use of green tea for weight loss has proven effective.  It can also increase your energy level.  Tea does contain caffeine which can give you that extra energy boost.  It’s important to understand that the caffeine in tea does not behave the same as that in coffee.  The energy boost from tea is slower and then declines slowly.  Coffee, on the other hand, provides a fast energy burst and an equally fast decrease.

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Some Background on Twinings Tea

In 1706, Thomas Twining had a dream; he wanted to bring the best available tea to London.  Clearly his dream became reality.  More than three hundred years later, Twinings Tea is going strong.  The experts that work for Twinings still travel around the world to find the very best teas.  Products from Twinings Tea are now available in more than one hundred countries.

Tasters that work for Twinings Tea spend several years in training.  The teas are graded on the quality of the taste and the color.  Because of their high standards, consumers can be confident that they will receive the finest teas including Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea.



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