Teavana Tea Gift for Tea Lovers

Teavana Tea Gift for Tea Lovers



If you have someone on your gift list that really enjoys green tea, the Teavana  Tea Gift Set is perfect!  Everything needed to make and enjoy green tea in one wonderful gift.  Included in the gift set are four types of the best green tea.  There is a 16 ounce PerfecTea Maker and 12 ounces of German Rock sugar.  Everything necessary to brew sixty cups of excellent green tea is included.

Teavana’s Tea Gift Set arrives in a gorgeous copper gift box.  Each variety of tea is in an ornate traditional origami paper tin.  The four teas are Gyokuro Matcha, Fukamushi Superior, Gyokuro Genmaicha, and Tama Ryokucha.  These four teas from the Shizuoka region of Japan will long be remembered as a special gift.

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The Teavana Gyokuro Genmaicha treats the taste buds to a full slightly sweet taste.  All tea originates from the Camellia sinensis plant but not all teas are processed the same way; the differences in planting and processing create the various types of tea.  Gyokuro is grown in Japan in the shade.  Protecting Gyokuro from direct sunlight heightens the balance of flavonoids, amino acids and sugars; these ingredients give tea its aroma and taste.

The pleasant sweet taste of Gyokuro Genmaicha disguises the fact that you are drinking tea with amazing health benefits.  It has less caffeine than coffee which is helpful for many consumers but that’s just one small advantage.  Green tea fights major diseases, improves the health of your hair and fights those unpleasant signs of aging called wrinkles.

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What is Gyokuro Matcha?

Simply stated, Matcha is a very special specific form of green tea.  The Gyokuro leaves are steamed, dried and then ground into a fine powdered tea.  Because the tea leaves are the highest quality, the entire leaf is used for Matcha.

Of course, Gyokuro Matcha is loaded with the health benefits of high levels of antioxidants as well as small amounts of some vitamins.  For anyone counting calories, Gyokuro Matcha is high in fiber and extremely low in calories.  If you’re interested,  learn more about Matcha and its role in the Japanese tea ceremony.


The Tama Ryokucha green tea is extraordinary.  This high quality green tea is steamed and molded into comma shaped leaves.  When it is brewed, Tama Ryokucha has a mild taste with tones of citrus and berries.

Again, this tasty beverage contains the age and disease fighting antioxidants that have been proven effective.


The fourth green tea in the Teavana Shizuoka Green Tea Gift Set is Fukamushi Superior.  The process of steaming tea for a long period of time is known as Fukamushi.  High quality tea leaves steamed for the appropriate time result in Fukamushi Superior.  The taste is mellow and slightly sweet.

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The German Rock Sugar included in this gift set is a fantastic sweetener for the green tea; it does not alter the wonderful tea flavor.  These sugar crystals are also natural way to sweeten your coffee.  This is an all natural unrefined sugar and sweetens without changing the drink’s flavor.

Many customers commented on the beauty of German Rock Sugar and consider it a part of the ceremony of making tea.  Bottom line, it is a great tasty sweetener.


To complete the Teavana Shizuoka Green Tea Gift Set, you will find the Teavana PerfecTea Maker.  Simple and easy to use, this tea maker brews16 ounces of green tea.

To brew, add tea and water to steep the tea.  Place the Teavana PerfecTea Maker on the cup and allow the tea maker to strain the tea into the cup.  Cleaning the tea maker is easily accomplished with mild soap and a soft dish cloth.

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