Primula-Green-Tea-With-JasmineWhat to Expect From Primula Tea

The Primula Green Flowering Jasmine Tea includes an assortment of twelve green tea flavors.  If you are ready to begin your journey with flowering tea, this set is a great place to begin.  It also makes the perfect gift for a tea lover.  High quality green tea and dried jasmine are hand-sewn into balls.  Chinese artists create these gorgeous blooming tea balls.

Placed in hot water, these hand-sewn balls of green tea and dried flowers become blooming tea.  To really appreciate the amazing beauty, a glass teapot should be used.  The tea balls are held in a slender canister with a green cord bow.  Not only does Primula Green Tea provide beauty, it is a taste treat.  It has lots of light delicate flavor.

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Benefits of Primula Green Jasmine Tea

The Primula Green Jasmine Tea balls are made with high quality green tea.  Dried jasmine adds flavor, fragrance and taste and, of course, beauty as the tea balls bloom.

By using high quality green tea and jasmine, Primula has created a product that provides numerous health benefits.  The antioxidants in the tea fight disease and may prove beneficial to your skin and hair.  Currently studies are being conducted to determine how green tea slows down the aging process and slows down hair loss.

If you truly enjoy the tea experience, you are in for a treat.  Use a glass teapot to watch the dazzling show of flowering tea as you enjoy the superior taste of Primula Green Jasmine Tea.  It tastes so good you’ll have trouble believing that this amazing tea is extremely healthy.

The benefit of an easy-to-use convenient product is a huge advantage for regular tea drinkers.

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What Does Jasmine Provide

Not only does jasmine display a beautiful flowering tea, the fragrance is believed to reduce stress and depression.  The jasmine plant is an herb that has been used and enjoyed in China for centuries.  Primula has used quality jasmine in the Green Tea with Jasmine to provide the best results.

Jasmine has the power to help regulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body and is an aid in weight loss.  The combination of green tea and jasmine provides a healthy drink that boosts your energy level and improves overall health.

One word of caution: do not drink large amounts of Primula Green Tea With Jasmine late in the day because this tea will energize you.  Also, use common sense if you are pregnant.  It is always best to consult with your doctor during pregnancy before you make any changes in your diet.



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