Mighty Leaf Tea Review 

The success of Mighty Leaf Tea is an excellent testimony to the power of passion, persistence and superior customer service.  In 1995, Gary Shinner and Jill Portman opened a teahouse in San Francisco.  This was the result of their passion for tea.  It was their passion and love of tea and the tea ceremony that resulted in the creation of new tea blends.

Knowing the importance of creating new tea blends to attract tea connoisseurs, Mighty Leaf  Tea took another step forward as trailblazers of the silken mesh bag.  This enabled the use of whole leaf teas in exact portions to brew quality tea.  Later another progressive step was taken with the creation of the silken mesh Tea Pouch.  With the Tea Pouch, Mighty Leaf Tea was able to use fuller tea leaves as well as fruit chunks for the ultimate cup of tea.  Without question, the Tea Pouch enhanced the tea experience.

From a small teahouse to a major producer and distributor of high quality tea, Mighty Leaf Tea never lost sight of their customers.  Mighty Leaf Tea provides a huge variety of gourmet teas and tea blends.  The teas are available in Tea Pouches and as loose leaf tea.  Long time consumers of the tea blends in the Tea Pouches have been pleased with the excellent gourmet quality of the various teas.   Tea Lovers Love Our Teas.  Savor award-winning tea pouches, packed with delicious artisanal flavors.

Tea Pouches by Mighty Leaf

Although Mighty Leaf Tea can be purchased as loose leaf, many consumers prefer the convenience of the handcrafted silken Tea Pouches.  The Tea Pouches are biodegradable and do not contain any flavor that would interfere with the tea taste.  Fans of the Tea Pouches appreciate the large size which allows the tea leaves to expand for full flavor.

Mighty Leaf Tea offers tea lovers high quality Tea Pouches, loose tea, iced tea, tea ware and much more.  The best prices for Mighty Leaf teas and their other related merchandise has been found online.

Mighty Leaf brings top quality whole leaf teas from around the world.  Dedicated to consistency and quality, Mighty Leaf Tea blends and packages their teas.  Known for signature tea blends, every ingredient is reviewed and carefully examined.  Mighty Leaf Tea has set high standards for flavor, aroma and color; each standard must be met for each ingredient.

Customer Feedback 

During extensive research, I found thousands of positive customer reviews and comments.  Overall, every type of tea and the various tea blends were praised for great aroma, high quality and unique flavors.  It was interesting to note that numerous tea drinkers became “green tea converts” after drinking several of the Mighty Leaf green tea blends; one of the favorites was Green Tea Tropical.

There were consumers that complained about the cost of the Mighty Leaf teas; however, those same consumers commented on the gourmet quality of the tea.


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