How To Make Green Tea

how-to-make-green-teaThere are numerous opinions on how to brew green tea.  In spite of the many ideas on this subject, there seem to be a few points that find all green tea drinkers in agreement. 

Overall, there is consensus on the importance of the quality of the tea, the water, water temperature and how long the tea is steeped.   If you want to learn how to make green tea, there are a few basic guidelines.

What Kind of Green Tea is Best?

First, to achieve a great tasting green tea with the ultimate health benefits, start with high quality loose green tea.  Tea bags can, of course, be used to brew green tea; for the absolute best cup of tea, small loose tea leaves is the best option.  These tea leaves will provide a better taste and the maximum level of antioxidants.

Be sure the tea you are using is fresh.  Most high quality tea will have an expiration date on the packaging.  In general, green tea has a shelf life of six months.  As soon as it has been opened, store the tea in a cool dry place.  The opened tea should be used in two to three months.

What Should I Know About the Water?

Second, you need to use quality water.  It is best to use filtered or bottled water because it has a definite affect on the taste.

Next, the water temperature is a major key to brewing green tea with the best taste.  This is possibly the one step that creates the most problems.  For most green tea, you should bring the water to the point of boiling (about 175F) but do not boil; remove from the heat.  Because this step is so important to the final result, you should use a thermometer.

Brew the Tea

Finally, brew (steep) the tea for one to two minutes.  Brewing green tea longer will give your tea a bitter taste.

As you are learning how to make green tea, be patient.  It may take some experimenting to get the taste you enjoy.  Remember that taste is subjective and not everyone will agree on which taste is better.  Fine tuning your method of brewing green tea is worth the effort.  In the end, you will enjoy a delicious cup of tea with extraordinary health benefits.