Teavana-Shizuoka-Green-TeaWhen my adventure with tea began, I was absolutely clueless and didn’t know how to select or buy tea. As a result, this was a stressful and often expensive process when my selections were failures. This trial and error process along with some research led me to the tips for finding that perfect tea.

First tip, be sure you actually do some research. This will help narrow down what you want to sample. The world of tea is so much more than black, green or white. With the Internet and the increased popularity of tea, learning about the various types has become much easier. Do you prefer something mild and light? Explore the white teas. Are you looking for a beverage with more flavor? Try some of the green teas. And for those who want a strong bold flavor, sample one of the black teas. Still confused or undecided? A tea sampler gives you more than one option. One favorite for loose tea is the Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler. If you prefer to start with tea bags, the Stash Tea Assortment is an excellent choice.

Second tip, try a new type or blend each time you buy.  During this sampling phase, be sure to stick with small quantities. You’ll soon discover the teas perfect for you.

Third tip, visit a tea house or tea shop and ask for a recommendation. This is a great way to explore new flavors. Sampling in this way can be informative and great fun.

Fourth tip, don’t make a selection based simply on its price. The most expensive may not suit your taste. It’s best to start with small purchases or samplers until you narrow down your favorites.

Fifth tip, during your research on the Internet, find web sites on tea that have reviews of the various types and blends written by actual customers.

As you begin the journey of sampling, keep in mind that there is no final destination. There will always be a new blend or new flavor to try. The most important part of this adventure is the fun of discovering and enjoying the different teas.

Selecting, brewing, serving and tasting combines to create a unique and fantastic experience. So, whether you choose bagged or loose tea, relax and enjoy.

Final and most important thought:   Don’t be afraid to try something new. The experimenting and discovery of new flavors is really the ultimate goal.