Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf Review

One of the most popular specialty tea blends from Mighty Leaf is Green Tea Tropical.  True of all gourmet teas, it starts with high quality whole green tea leaves.  Added to fresh quality tea leaves arGreen-Tea-Tropical-by-Mighty-Leafe the natural flavors of several tropical fruits, flower petals, and pieces of pineapple.  These ingredients are blended to create a refreshing delicious tea.  The delightful aroma prepares your sense of taste for this excellent tea treat. 

Green Tea Tropical  has a unique taste that has great appeal to both green tea fanatics and those who have avoided green tea.   Many green teas have a somewhat bitter taste.  This tea has a smooth, fruity and slightly sweet taste.  What a fantastic way to reap the many benefits of green tea while enjoying Green Tea Tropical.  It can be served hot or iced with equally great results.

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Brew Green Tea

There are numerous ideas about how to make green tea.  Overall, no matter which method you choose, there are a few things necessary for great green tea.  To experience the best taste, you need high quality tea leaves, quality water, the correct water temperature and the correct steeping time.   With a little experimenting, you will quickly learn what works best for your personal taste.

When you discover the available delicious green tea blends, a little extra attention to the brewing process will be worthwhile.  Blends such as Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf are available in the Tea Pouches or as traditional loose leaf.

There is also a fantastic option for those tea drinkers wanting perfect tea every time.  If you drink tea frequently, the Zarafina Tea Maker  should be seriously considered.  It is ideal for all types of tea, including green tea, and provides an option for your personal strength preference.

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Green Tea Tropical – 3 Pack Saver (3-15 pouch boxes)


Health Benefits of Green Tea 

Drinking Green Tea Tropical on a regular basis is more than a delightful taste treat.  The health benefits of green tea are numerous.  Research is ongoing but studies have established that antioxidants are found in green tea at elevated levels.  

Green tea has been a great aid to dieters.  The studies on cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and a multitude of other health problems have revealed positive results when green tea was part of the treatment.  Skin and hair also benefit from green tea.  For the ultimate benefits for hair and skin, a two-pronged approach has been recommended.  Drink green tea daily and use the skin care and hair care products that include green tea as an ingredient for substantial improvement.


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