Green Dragon Tea Review

Green Dragon Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea is an outstanding organic green tea.  It is also known as dragon well or Lung Ching and is one of the most famous teas from China.  Mighty Leaf provides this organic green tea in their famous silken pouches.

This organic green tea has a complex flavor; slightly sweet with a delicate chestnut like flavor.  Green Dragon Tea or dragon well tea is the perfect morning brew.  It is refreshing served either hot or cold.  This excellent green tea is also known for its beautiful jade green color. This Chinese green tea provides a delightful aroma.  The beautiful color, extraordinary taste and aroma combine to create a treat for the senses of the tea lover.

Whether or not you are a green tea fan, you need to try Green Dragon Tea.  This high quality organic green tea will be a pleasant surprise.  Loaded with healthy antioxidants and a calming amino acid, it’s a great drink any time of the day.  With these added health benefits, this beverage is the perfect choice.   Buy your Green Dragon from Mighty Leaf Tea award-winning tea pouches, packed with delicious artisanal flavors.


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Benefits of Green Dragon Tea

It is no secret that tea has been an important part of Chinese life for centuries.  One recent research report indicated that increased consumption of green tea by adults seemed to increase life expectancy.   This was based on a scientific study of the telomere lengthening in Chinese adults.  To achieve a serious health benefit from green tea, it is important that quality leaves are used; Green Dragon Tea provides that quality and is one of the best!

There have been numerous reports that drinking Green Dragon Tea daily has significantly lowered bad cholesterol.  Another excellent health benefit is the detoxification of the body.  The sweet taste of Green Dragon Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea offers a wonderful and pleasant method of staying healthy.

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Green Dragon Tea contains high levels of antioxidants.  It has been well established that the antioxidants may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.  It is also believed that they fight cancer, heart disease as well as numerous other health issues.  Extensive research is ongoing to determine exactly how these antioxidants fight disease.

Find Organic Green Dragon Tea

After doing a lot of research, Mighty Leaf Tea online provides the best prices on organic Green Dragon Tea.  The leaves are placed in silken tea pouches.  Top quality green tea leaves placed in convenient and easy to use pouches make staying healthy so simple.  You can also simplify the brewing process by using the Zarafina Tea Maker.




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