Apricot Green Tea Reviewed

apricot-green-tea-from-Adagio-TeasA blend of high quality green tea from China and the sweet delicate flavor of apricots have made Apricot Green Tea a favorite.  It is refreshing served iced or hot.

For anyone new to green tea, Apricot Green Tea is a great way to start your green tea adventure.  The flavor is sweet and fruity without any bitterness.  This is one of the few teas that has a flavor consistent with the aroma.

Green tea, in general, has often been described as having a bitter taste; bitterness, of course, may be the result of improper brewing.  Certain guidelines need to be followed when you are brewing green tea for a great taste.

Apricots provide a wonderful scent so this is a real treat for your sense of taste and sense of smell.  It is also available in decaf for anyone watching caffeine consumption.

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First of all, apricots have numerous health benefits, whether fresh or dried.  Dried apricots are very high in potassium as well as fiber and vitamin A.  One word of CAUTION for anyone allergic to sulfites: avoid orange dried apricots.  The brown organic dried apricots do not have sulfites.  Because apricots are high in iron, they are frequently a part of the treatment for anemia.

Now let’s look at just a couple of health benefits of green tea.  A study in 2009 at Okayama University confirmed that regular and frequent consumption of green tea lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Those in the study that drank “seven or more cups a day” had a “55-75% lower risk” of cardiovascular disease than those who drank only one cup a day.

Loaded with antioxidants, this tea is beneficial when consumed internally and when used externally as an ingredient in skin care.  Researchers have agreed that the antioxidants fight disease and slow the aging process and the negative effects of aging.

Apricot Green Tea has combined two powerful sources of health benefits in one delightful tea.  This has to be one of the most pleasant ways to stay healthy.  For anyone watching their weight, this drink can be helpful.

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The Apricot Green Tea received an incredible number of positive reviews.  It was impressive to learn that even the customers “not a daily tea drinker” have fallen in love with this flavorful tea.  It was highly recommended as a smooth sweet tea with the great taste of apricots.  It is especially good iced.

On the negative side, a few customers found the tea a little too sweet.


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