Adagio Online Store History

Adagio-Green-TeaFor those not familiar with the Adagio Teas Online Store, you may find this review helpful.  I think there is a definite comfort level when we have some background on a store that we buy from online.

About eleven years ago, Adagio Teas began with the goal of introducing tea lovers to top quality whole leaf teas.  It is a family business and actually originated with Mom, Sophie Kreymerman.  Her first idea was to open a teashop.

Sophie’s son, Michael, had just returned home from Eastern Europe.  Her other son, Ilyal worked with a financial company.  They put their heads together and began the research to determine how and where to open a tearoom.  They were also very aware of the possibilities of doing business on the Internet.  Eventually they decided to set aside the tearoom idea and focused on building a website, locating a tea supplier and serving customers online.

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The business grew and some products are now also sold in stores.  Adagio Teas now has a warehouse in New Jersey and a warehouse in California.

Primarily focused on loose leaf tea, Adagio offers a wide variety of flavors within each variety of tea.  The tea is high quality and reasonably priced.  They also offer a small selection of tea related accessories.  Adagio Teas offers free delivery for online orders over $50.  High quality teas  and excellent customer service remain top priorities at Adagio Teas.

Superior customer service and an amazing variety of teas and tea blends are keys to Adagio’s success.  Along these lines, with the customers in mind, the Adagio Online Tea Store is easy to navigate.

This is truly a family business success story! 

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