Thinning hair or total hair loss can be the unpleasant signs of aging or signs of disease.  Both men and women face this problem.  According to the New York Times, Americans spent over $176 million dollars in 2009 on products and procedures in hopes of resolving the problem.  First, if you are struggling with this painful situation, consult with your physician.  You need to rule out any health issue; follow your doctor’s advice.

For anyone experiencing thinning hair or hair loss after the doctor visit, consider the amazing benefits of green tea.  The research has confirmed that the antioxidants and vitamins in green tea have substantially improved thinning hair and stopped hair loss.


Terax-Green-Tea-ShampooUsing green tea for hair loss problems is usually a two-pronged approach.  There are several excellent shampoos with green tea available, and drinking green tea daily increases the results.  The green tea that is consumed internally should be high quality loose green tea.

Scientific studies have determined that green tea contains the powerful antioxidant, EGCG.  Antioxidants work to slow down the decay of cells; these antioxidants also fight aging of the skin and diseases such as cancer, high cholesterol, and heart disease as well as other serious health problems.  The process of slowing down the decay of cells allows cells to regenerate; the hair stops thinning and new growth begins.

Green tea also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and panthenol.  These ingredients are frequently found in hair conditioner and add strength and shine to the hair.  Green tea has also been found effective in treating dandruff and psoriasis; it reduces the inflammation and soothes the scalp.  When you select shampoo and conditioner with green tea, be sure it does not contain harsh chemicals that can irritate the scalp.


There are numerous green teas available to drink that will not only improve hair health but will benefit overall health.  Many green teas are real taste treats.  If you absolutely don’t want to drink green tea, you can purchase green tea extract in capsule form.  Again, it’s important that only high quality green tea products are used.  Be sure you follow the directions when taking the capsules and do not take more than recommended.

Loose-Green-TeaBe sure your expectations are realistic.  If you have lost all hair or the majority of your hair, the green tea shampoo and conditioner along with the loose green tea will not perform a miracle.  If you are concerned about drinking green tea or taking green tea capsules, consult your physician. 

In researching the green tea shampoos and conditioners, I was surprised to learn that many consumers were just looking for healthy hair and had not experienced hair loss or thinning hair.  Without exception, these consumers were pleased and impressed with the results of the green tea hair products.




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