Can Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo Repair Damaged Hair?

Burt's-Bees-Green-Tea-ShampooAnyone with processed hair fully understands the damage to your hair from the harsh chemicals.  After years of coloring, and permanents in my younger days, I’m amazed that I still have hair!  With Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo, you get all the benefits of green tea along with the added benefits of Fennel Seed extract and Jewelweed. 

Green tea shampoo nourishes and strengthens hair and has also proven effective in treating hair loss.  Fennel Seed extract renews processed hair and the Jewelweed extract protects and repairs damaged hair.  Treating hair loss does not mean that someone totally bald will grow a new full head of hair. It will slow down hair loss and is really helpful in the early stages of thinning hair.  If the goal is to stop hair loss, the plan should also include drinking green tea daily. 

With Burt’s Bees shampoo, hair that has been color treated will be restored so the color remains fresh and vibrant.  The green tea extract in Burt’s Bees shampoo will wash out any residue from styling products.  So clearly this shampoo is also wonderful for hair that has not been chemically processed.  Any damage to your hair from sun exposure will be dramatically improved. 

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What Can You Expect from Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo

It was a real delight to discover that not only is your hair shiny and clean, the Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo has a pleasant smell.  Some green tea shampoos have an unpleasant smell.  The Burt’s Bees Green Tea Conditioner is also fantastic.  There were lots of comments from customers without processed hair; they use Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo and the Green Tea Conditioner because the results are great. 

Because of the green tea in this shampoo, blood circulation to the scalp will be improved.  It is this improvement in blood circulation that helps nourish the scalp.  Any toxins or free radicals will be neutralized.  You will enjoy bouncy beautiful hair! 

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Final Thoughts on Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo

It is true that you may pay a little more for Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo.  Just remember that you can’t put a price on good health and that includes a healthy scalp and healthy hair. 

Also keep in mind that green tea shampoo does not lather like conventional shampoos.  It is the chemicals in ordinary shampoo that creates the lather.  So approach your experience with Burt’s Bees Green Tea Shampoo with an open mind.  A little bit of lather means no chemicals and no chemicals means healthy gorgeous hair.


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