Japanese Ice Cream and Tea

Green Tea Ice Cream




Always looking for the next great ice cream flavor,  I discovered green tea ice cream a couple of years ago. It is truly a unique dessert treat.

Green tea ice cream originated in Japan and has long been a favorite. Although it is not one of the most popular flavors in the United States, it has actually been available here for over forty years. There are a few stores that stock this flavor from Haagen-Dazs. I have found it at some but not all of the HEB stores and Randall stores in the Houston area.

But honestly to really get the best, make your own. It’s simple to make and worth the extra effort.

So this is a great time to discover the wonderful green tea ice cream. If you’re not ready to make your own, check out Haagen-Dazs. It’s not available in every location but they keep adding stores.

Just a few ingredients, a good ice cream maker, some ice cream bowls and spoons and you’re ready to celebrate.


This is my favorite recipe because it is so simple and the result – fantastic!


3/4 cup milk

2 egg yolks

5 tbsp sugar

3/4 cup heavy cream whipped

1 tbsp matcha green tea powder

3 tbsp hot water


Serves: 4-6

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Total Time: 3-4 hours


Mix hot water and green tea powder in a bowl and set aside. Lightly whisk egg yolks in pan. Add sugar to the yolks and mix well. Gradually add milk to egg mixture, mix well. Heat the mixture over low heat stirring constantly until thickened. When thickened, remove from heat. Place bottom of pan in ice water and cool mixture. Add the green tea mixture to the egg mixture, mix well while cooling pan in ice water. Add heavy whipped cream to mixture and stir gently. Pour mixture into ice cream maker and freeze, following the instructions on the ice cream maker.




*VANILLA is the most popular ice cream flavor

*AMERICA is the ice cream capital of the world

*ICE CREAM is a multi-billion dollar industry

*STRAWBERRIES are the most popular fruit added to ice cream

*PECANS are the most popular nut added to ice cream



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