Bubble Tea is also known by several other names and originated in Taiwan over thirty years ago.  Bubble Tea is a combined drink/snack and is now enjoyed around the world.

The first Bubble Tea or Boba was made from black tea, small tapioca pearls, condensed milk and a sweetener.  There are now numerous variations of this taste treat and, of course, Green Bubble Tea is one of the popular blends.  There are tea houses that actually specialize in Bubble Tea and its many variations.

It turns out that not all tea houses or coffee shops serve Bubble Tea; this means learning to make Green Bubble Tea at home.  Not only will this enable you to enjoy this treat any time, but it will also save you money.  Another great advantage of making your own Green Bubble Tea is the control over the ingredients.   While Bubble Tea is meant to be a treat, it can be modified to enhance the health benefits of the green tea.

Everything you need to prepare and serve Green Bubble Tea is readily available online at a very reasonable price.


Part of the fun and enjoyment of Bubble Tea is experimenting and creating your own version of Green Bubble Tea.

You’ll need the following basic ingredients: chilled cooked large tapioca pearls, chilled strong green tea, milk, crushed ice, sweetener or fruit.  You can change the green tea blend for variation (for example, Spiced Green Tea, Apricot Green Tea, etc.) and the type of milk can be changed (for example, whole milk, non-fat milk, etc.).  These changes can alter the taste and the caloric intake.  You can also experiment with different sweeteners: sugar, honey, or fruit.  There are so many options available, you’ll soon have several unique Green Bubble Tea recipes to delight and surprise your friends.

The easy way to begin the creation of your Green Bubble Tea is the purchase of a complete starter kit.  Follow the directions with the product and enjoy.  I have found the best price prices for starter kits online.



For those ready to spend a little time and make your own Green Bubble Tea recipe, this will get you started:

You will need:

½ cup chilled, cooked tapioca pearls
1 cup crushed ice
1 cup strong chilled green tea (your choice)
1 cup milk (your choice)
Honey, sugar or fruit (sweeten to taste)

Make the Bubble Tea:

Please the tapioca pearls in a parfait glass, combine tea, milk, sweetener and ice in cocktail shaker and shake until frothy.  Pour mixture into glass over tapioca and serve with the extra thick Bubble Tea straw.

Makes one 16 ounce drink.




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