H2O-Green-Tea-Skin-CareH2O Green Tea Skin Care Review

Have you been looking for skin care that fights aging and loss of moisture?  You have found the answer with H2O Plus Green Tea Antioxidant Face Complex This amazing green tea skin care calms irritated sensitive skin as it nourishes and protects your skin from future free radical damage.  We know that the pollutants in the environment are harmful and negatively affect our bodies including our skin.

Free radicals can dehydrate your skin causing irritation and unattractive skin.  H2O Plus Green Tea hydrates, repairs, heals and protects your skin and the improvement is visible.  The green tea fights the signs of aging and the vitamins C, E and B contained in the skin care soothes irritated skin and provides the protection your skin must have.

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Benefits of H2O Plus Green Tea

For anyone with sensitive skin, the calming moisturizer of H2O Plus Green Tea is incredible.  Your skin tone will improve and will be attractive.  Mild rosacea responds well to H2O Plus.  If you are plagued by acne, this cream will improve your skin and with time the breakouts will decrease.  H2O Plus leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.

One suggestion that adds to the soothing effect is to place the cream in the refrigerator for an hour or two before use.  This is especially beneficial if you have spent a lot of time in the sun.  Your skin will feel calm, soothed and refreshed.

H2O Plus Green Tea is not sticky and is quickly absorbed.  Your skin will be hydrated and refreshed.

Any Negatives?

Some customers commented that it added a little bit of shine to their faces; however, by using H2O Plus at night, the problem was resolved.

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Green Tea Benefits for Skin

All tea contains antioxidants but green tea is supercharged with antioxidants.  Researchers have confirmed that the antioxidants fight disease and slow down the aging process.  When green tea is included in skin care and hair care products, the health benefits become obvious.  For optimum benefits from H2O Plus Green Tea, you can drink quality green tea every day; not only will your skin benefit, your overall health will be improved.

With H2O Plus Green Tea, you receive the added advantage of Vitamins C, E and Provitamin B.  These vitamins help repair damage to the skin.  This blend of vitamins also helps increase your skin’s elasticity.  The Provitamin B contains anti-inflammatory properties as well as humectants properties which promotes moisture retention.


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