The Gardeners Green Tea Spa Set is the perfect gift for friends and family that enjoy gardening and a good cup of green tea.  They can plant the seeds in their spa set and then enjoy a relaxing bath with the Green Tea Bath Gel, Exfoliating Body Scrub and the moisturizing Green Tea Lotion.  After the bath, they can enjoy a cup of refreshing green tea.  The Green Tea Spa Set also includes a set of decorative hand tools for the gardening chores.

These beautiful Green Tea Spa Gift Sets are certainly as is but can add your own personal touch by including a larger container of a favorite green tea.  You might select the Spiced Green Tea as the added treat.

By the way, the tea gift baskets are wonderful as a self-gift.  You know you deserve it!


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Green Tea Spa Sets – A Step to Better Health

Maybe you have someone on your gift list that hasn’t discovered the benefits and great taste of green tea; the Green Tea Gift Baskets are a big step in the right direction.  First, they’ll be dazzled by the beauty of the Gardeners Spa Set and then, of course, they’ll want to explore the contents.

After they have experienced the great taste of green tea, you can explain the health benefits.  Once their skin has been treated to the Green Tea Bath Gel and moisturizing Green Tea Lotion, you can introduce them to other anti-aging green tea skin care products.

Unfortunately, healthy foods and drinks are not usually expected to be taste treats.  Our mind automatically goes to something medicinal.  After a cup of delicious Spiced Green Tea, you can tell your friend about the many health benefits.  You just may have a “green tea convert”.


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Share the World of Green Tea

After you have gifted a friend with the Gardeners Green Tea Spa Set, be ready to tell them more.  My personal discovery of the world of green tea happened as I researched tea.  At that time, I knew very little about green tea and really hadn’t given it much thought.  And then I read some articles on the research studies on the affect of green tea on major disease.

The health benefits of green tea for people and pets absolutely amazed me.  Just a few on the very long list of benefits: green tea fights cancer, heart disease; it improves skin and hair and fights the aging affects on skin and hair; and, there are products for your pets that will benefit and improve their health.  Don’t keep this important information to yourself – share green tea with those you care about.   Tell your friends about the Gardeners Green Tea Spa Set.





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