Your Skin Benefits From Skin Care With Green Tea

What are the benefits of green tea on your skin?  As I have researched green tea, there are reports of improvement in everything from gum disease to heart disease and, of course, skin care was one of the major topics.  At this time, medical researchers have agreed that tea increases the antioxidant capacity of tissues. 

There have been studies on the effects of green tea skin care; studies used both animals and humans.  It was confirmed that green tea skin care formulas reduced sun damage.  When green tea creams were used with sunscreen, the sun protection was increased. 

Green tea skin care has proven helpful for patients with rosacea.  Estheticians reported excellent improvement in clients with the use of skin care with green tea.  Although not yet confirmed by medical research, there has been general consensus that skin care with green tea most likely slows down development of aging of the skin.  I found numerous comments by users of green tea skin care products that have seen remarkable improvement in signs of aging skin with the use of these products. 

Acne is a skin problem for both young and old, male and female.  The reviews by actual customers that had been using skin care with green tea for their acne were very impressive.   The green tea skin care products that use a three-pronged approach: herbal capsules, cleansing gel and maintenance gel have provided incredible results.  These skin care products are a much better and safer option than Accutane or antibiotics; no side effects were reported.

Clear healthy skin is one important factor in achieving a good self-image.  A good self-image, of course, is a key to self-confidence.