ELGreen Tea Skincare by Elizabeth ArdenIZABETH ARDEN GREEN TEA PURIFYING 3 IN 1

Research studies have continued to confirm the numerous health benefits of tea, especially green tea.  This has led to advances in skin care.  Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Skin Care products have been developed to take advantage of this amazing ingredient.  Consumers have found value in using the green tea products.  One of the most popular is the Green Tea Skin Care Purifying 3 in 1  product.

This combines cleanser, toner and exfoliant in one easy step.  The green tea blend dissolves dirt and makeup while the micro beads remove dull skin.  The antioxidants in the green tea soothe and protect the skin from free radicals in the environment.

Anyone with rosacea or psoriasis will experience a reduction of the inflammation as a result of the green tea.  Acne has been dramatically reduced by skin care with green tea.


Green Tea and Honey Body Cream

The Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream hydrates the skin for a silky smooth result.   Of course, the overall health of the skin benefits from the green tea.  This cream absorbs into the skin without an oily layer.  The body cream is infused with shea butter, green tea and real honey.  I was amazed to actually see tiny drops of honey in the cream!  Best of all, the honey disappears as it is absorbed into your skin.

With green tea as an ingredient, the Green Tea Honey Drops Body Cream improves and protects your skin.  It is very effective on dry skin.

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To take full advantage of the green tea skin care benefits, a two-pronged approach will provide optimum results.

First, Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Skin Care  products offer the necessary daily external care.  Then select one of the great green teas for daily drinking.  There are some that very tasty and can be easily brewed for a fresh cup daily.  Drinking green tea will not only improve your skin, but your overall health will be significantly better.

The antioxidants in the tea will fight the skin damage caused by free radicals.  It will also help with weight control, improve heart health and provide healthier stronger hair.  Ongoing research studies have found positive results in the fight against cancer and high cholesterol when tea is ingested daily.

 Green Tea Skin Care by Elizabeth Arden



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