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Do you want to improve your health, prevent disease, fight disease, lose weight, live longer or fight the outward signs of aging?  This and so much more may be possible with Mega Green Tea Extract.  Positive results seen by researchers in the studies of the effects of green tea extract on cancer cells has generated more interest in the health benefits of green tea.

Mega Green Tea Extract is decaffeinated which appeals to many consumers.  Each capsule contains the equivalent of ten cups of green tea.  A high level of EGCG, an amazing antioxidant, is found in each Mega Green Tea capsule.  This potent antioxidant is the key to fighting disease.

There has also been some research on the effects of green tea on leukemia; studies still need to be completed but this is definitely promising.

You will enjoy the convenience of the high quality Mega Green Tea Extract capsules.  For significant health benefits, it is essential that green tea is consumed daily and in large amounts.  This can present a challenge.  It is not always possible to drink ten cups of tea but one capsule is all you need!

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Benefits of Green Tea Extract

Before we explore the numerous green tea benefits, it is important that you remember the goal: improved health.  This means that green tea extract supplements must be taken according to the directions on the product.  To avoid nausea, take the capsules with meals.  Of course, be sure you use a high quality product as part of your health plan; Mega Green Tea Extract meets that standard.

For centuries, green tea has been used in China to treat health problems.  Because it has levels of antioxidants, it helps protect against cancer.  It also works to lower bad cholesterol and helps with respiratory problems.  There have been studies that indicate green tea may prevent heart disease and liver failure.  The antioxidants definitely fight the outward signs of aging and some excellent skin care  products with green tea are available.

During the last several years, green tea has become popular as a diet aid because it improves metabolism and burns fat.  Again, it needs to be taken as directed and should only be one part of the diet plan.

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Words of Caution

If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take green tea extract.  If you have a history of liver, kidney, stomach or thyroid problems, consult with your doctor before taking green tea extract.  You may need to limit the amount of green tea consumed.

For dieters using green tea extract as an aid, be sure this is just one part of the weight loss plan.  You still need to eat healthy foods, drink lots of water, and exercise on a regular basis.  Using Mega Green Tea Extract as part of the diet plan will bring success.



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