Is green tea really more beneficial than black tea?  If you’re a tea drinker, you have probably heard of the health benefits of tea, in general.  You may know that tea is a healthier choice than coffee or soft drinks.  But what about the comparison between green tea and black tea?

Health Benefits of Green Tea

First, let’s explore the difference in health benefits between green tea and black tea.  Many studies have been completed and many are ongoing to determine the effects of antioxidants (polyphenols) on major diseases as well as the aging process.  Overall, there has been consensus that the antioxidants have a positive effect on health and well being.  Because of the fermentation process of black tea, this tea has fewer antioxidants than green tea.  Green tea is loaded with polyphenols which is a huge plus in the health benefit arena.

Ongoing research into the health benefits of green tea has been optimistic.  The studies have revealed positive effects on cancer, heart disease and other health conditions.  It has also been discovered that polyphenols appear to slow down the aging process; for example, skin wrinkling appears to slow down.

When considering health benefits, it is important to note that polyphenols can be found in many fruits and vegetables as well as green tea; and remember, polyphenols are also present in other teas at lower levels.

Another well-known benefit of green tea is weight loss and weight maintenance.  For those with serious weight issues, this can be an important health benefit.

Reducing caffeine is important for various health conditions.  Any type of tea has less caffeine than coffee, but here’s the good news:  green tea has about half the caffeine found in black tea!


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GREEN TEA AND YOUR TEETHGreen Tea and Healthy Smile

One visible advantage of green tea can be found when you smile.  Before I discovered green tea, the black tea had stained my teeth.  Of course, whitening strips can resolve the stains.  Drinking green tea is a much easier solution.  So, again green tea is the winner.


Green tea has more oxidants, less caffeine, is almost stain-free and has a variety of taste treats.  However, when it comes to taste preference, individual taste buds play a huge role.  Unfortunately, in the past, green tea was known for its unpleasant taste.  Not true now!  There are many loose green teas that result in a delicious light sweet cup of tea.

You owe it to yourself to give green tea a second chance; try the Apricot Green Tea or Spiced Green Tea.  Do some experimenting and you are sure to find a green tea that suits your personal taste.

Green Tea For Health