Teavana-Shizuoka-Green-TeaWhen my adventure with tea began, I was absolutely clueless and didn’t know how to select or buy tea. As a result, this was a stressful and often expensive process when my selections were failures. This trial and error process along with some research led me to the tips for finding that perfect tea.

First tip, be sure you actually do some research. This will help narrow down what you want to sample. The world of tea is so much more than black, green or white. With the Internet and the increased popularity of tea, learning about the various types has become much easier. Do you prefer something mild and light? Explore the white teas. Are you looking for a beverage with more flavor? Try some of the green teas. And for those who want a strong bold flavor, sample one of the black teas. Still confused or undecided? A tea sampler gives you more than one option. One favorite for loose tea is the Heavenly Tea Leaves Sampler. If you prefer to start with tea bags, the Stash Tea Assortment is an excellent choice.

Second tip, try a new type or blend each time you buy.  During this sampling phase, be sure to stick with small quantities. You’ll soon discover the teas perfect for you.

Third tip, visit a tea house or tea shop and ask for a recommendation. This is a great way to explore new flavors. Sampling in this way can be informative and great fun.

Fourth tip, don’t make a selection based simply on its price. The most expensive may not suit your taste. It’s best to start with small purchases or samplers until you narrow down your favorites.

Fifth tip, during your research on the Internet, find web sites on tea that have reviews of the various types and blends written by actual customers.

As you begin the journey of sampling, keep in mind that there is no final destination. There will always be a new blend or new flavor to try. The most important part of this adventure is the fun of discovering and enjoying the different teas.

Selecting, brewing, serving and tasting combines to create a unique and fantastic experience. So, whether you choose bagged or loose tea, relax and enjoy.

Final and most important thought:   Don’t be afraid to try something new. The experimenting and discovery of new flavors is really the ultimate goal.

Teavana Tea Gift for Tea Lovers

Teavana Tea Gift for Tea Lovers



If you have someone on your gift list that really enjoys green tea, the Teavana  Tea Gift Set is perfect!  Everything needed to make and enjoy green tea in one wonderful gift.  Included in the gift set are four types of the best green tea.  There is a 16 ounce PerfecTea Maker and 12 ounces of German Rock sugar.  Everything necessary to brew sixty cups of excellent green tea is included.

Teavana’s Tea Gift Set arrives in a gorgeous copper gift box.  Each variety of tea is in an ornate traditional origami paper tin.  The four teas are Gyokuro Matcha, Fukamushi Superior, Gyokuro Genmaicha, and Tama Ryokucha.  These four teas from the Shizuoka region of Japan will long be remembered as a special gift.

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The Teavana Gyokuro Genmaicha treats the taste buds to a full slightly sweet taste.  All tea originates from the Camellia sinensis plant but not all teas are processed the same way; the differences in planting and processing create the various types of tea.  Gyokuro is grown in Japan in the shade.  Protecting Gyokuro from direct sunlight heightens the balance of flavonoids, amino acids and sugars; these ingredients give tea its aroma and taste.

The pleasant sweet taste of Gyokuro Genmaicha disguises the fact that you are drinking tea with amazing health benefits.  It has less caffeine than coffee which is helpful for many consumers but that’s just one small advantage.  Green tea fights major diseases, improves the health of your hair and fights those unpleasant signs of aging called wrinkles.

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What is Gyokuro Matcha?

Simply stated, Matcha is a very special specific form of green tea.  The Gyokuro leaves are steamed, dried and then ground into a fine powdered tea.  Because the tea leaves are the highest quality, the entire leaf is used for Matcha.

Of course, Gyokuro Matcha is loaded with the health benefits of high levels of antioxidants as well as small amounts of some vitamins.  For anyone counting calories, Gyokuro Matcha is high in fiber and extremely low in calories.  If you’re interested,  learn more about Matcha and its role in the Japanese tea ceremony.


The Tama Ryokucha green tea is extraordinary.  This high quality green tea is steamed and molded into comma shaped leaves.  When it is brewed, Tama Ryokucha has a mild taste with tones of citrus and berries.

Again, this tasty beverage contains the age and disease fighting antioxidants that have been proven effective.


The fourth green tea in the Teavana Shizuoka Green Tea Gift Set is Fukamushi Superior.  The process of steaming tea for a long period of time is known as Fukamushi.  High quality tea leaves steamed for the appropriate time result in Fukamushi Superior.  The taste is mellow and slightly sweet.

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The German Rock Sugar included in this gift set is a fantastic sweetener for the green tea; it does not alter the wonderful tea flavor.  These sugar crystals are also natural way to sweeten your coffee.  This is an all natural unrefined sugar and sweetens without changing the drink’s flavor.

Many customers commented on the beauty of German Rock Sugar and consider it a part of the ceremony of making tea.  Bottom line, it is a great tasty sweetener.


To complete the Teavana Shizuoka Green Tea Gift Set, you will find the Teavana PerfecTea Maker.  Simple and easy to use, this tea maker brews16 ounces of green tea.

To brew, add tea and water to steep the tea.  Place the Teavana PerfecTea Maker on the cup and allow the tea maker to strain the tea into the cup.  Cleaning the tea maker is easily accomplished with mild soap and a soft dish cloth.

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Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea Review

Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings provides tea lovers with an excellent drink for breakfast or any time you want a tasty supercharged drink.  Twinings Tea brings this green tea from the Orient; it comes from the absolutely best tea gardens.  You’ll receive high quality Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings in tins that are sealed in foil to insure freshness.

Each tea leaf is rolled into a very small ball and looks a lot like a lead shot pellet.  If you brew the tea in a glass teapot, you’ll be able to watch these little balls pop open and unfurl.  The taste is slightly smoky with a light delicate aroma.  Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea is an excellent source of healthy antioxidants and can be enjoyed either hot or cold.

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Health Benefits of Gunpowder Tea

Are you looking for a healthy energy drink?  Gunpowder green tea may be the answer.  The tea provides an excellent source of natural antioxidants.  Antioxidants protect the body from free radicals; researchers have been encouraged by the positive results seen in studies on the effects of green tea on cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and other serious health problems.  Because of the way it is processed, gunpowder tea has a higher concentration of antioxidants than other green teas.

Gunpowder Green Tea by Twinings is also helpful for those wanting to lose weight or to maintain weight.  The use of green tea for weight loss has proven effective.  It can also increase your energy level.  Tea does contain caffeine which can give you that extra energy boost.  It’s important to understand that the caffeine in tea does not behave the same as that in coffee.  The energy boost from tea is slower and then declines slowly.  Coffee, on the other hand, provides a fast energy burst and an equally fast decrease.

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Some Background on Twinings Tea

In 1706, Thomas Twining had a dream; he wanted to bring the best available tea to London.  Clearly his dream became reality.  More than three hundred years later, Twinings Tea is going strong.  The experts that work for Twinings still travel around the world to find the very best teas.  Products from Twinings Tea are now available in more than one hundred countries.

Tasters that work for Twinings Tea spend several years in training.  The teas are graded on the quality of the taste and the color.  Because of their high standards, consumers can be confident that they will receive the finest teas including Twinings Green Gunpowder Tea.



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Primula-Green-Tea-With-JasmineWhat to Expect From Primula Tea

The Primula Green Flowering Jasmine Tea includes an assortment of twelve green tea flavors.  If you are ready to begin your journey with flowering tea, this set is a great place to begin.  It also makes the perfect gift for a tea lover.  High quality green tea and dried jasmine are hand-sewn into balls.  Chinese artists create these gorgeous blooming tea balls.

Placed in hot water, these hand-sewn balls of green tea and dried flowers become blooming tea.  To really appreciate the amazing beauty, a glass teapot should be used.  The tea balls are held in a slender canister with a green cord bow.  Not only does Primula Green Tea provide beauty, it is a taste treat.  It has lots of light delicate flavor.

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Benefits of Primula Green Jasmine Tea

The Primula Green Jasmine Tea balls are made with high quality green tea.  Dried jasmine adds flavor, fragrance and taste and, of course, beauty as the tea balls bloom.

By using high quality green tea and jasmine, Primula has created a product that provides numerous health benefits.  The antioxidants in the tea fight disease and may prove beneficial to your skin and hair.  Currently studies are being conducted to determine how green tea slows down the aging process and slows down hair loss.

If you truly enjoy the tea experience, you are in for a treat.  Use a glass teapot to watch the dazzling show of flowering tea as you enjoy the superior taste of Primula Green Jasmine Tea.  It tastes so good you’ll have trouble believing that this amazing tea is extremely healthy.

The benefit of an easy-to-use convenient product is a huge advantage for regular tea drinkers.

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What Does Jasmine Provide

Not only does jasmine display a beautiful flowering tea, the fragrance is believed to reduce stress and depression.  The jasmine plant is an herb that has been used and enjoyed in China for centuries.  Primula has used quality jasmine in the Green Tea with Jasmine to provide the best results.

Jasmine has the power to help regulate blood circulation, eliminate toxins from the body and is an aid in weight loss.  The combination of green tea and jasmine provides a healthy drink that boosts your energy level and improves overall health.

One word of caution: do not drink large amounts of Primula Green Tea With Jasmine late in the day because this tea will energize you.  Also, use common sense if you are pregnant.  It is always best to consult with your doctor during pregnancy before you make any changes in your diet.



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Green Dragon Tea Review

Green Dragon Tea from Mighty Leaf Tea is an outstanding organic green tea.  It is also known as dragon well or Lung Ching and is one of the most famous teas from China.  Mighty Leaf provides this organic green tea in their famous silken pouches.

This organic green tea has a complex flavor; slightly sweet with a delicate chestnut like flavor.  Green Dragon Tea or dragon well tea is the perfect morning brew.  It is refreshing served either hot or cold.  This excellent green tea is also known for its beautiful jade green color. This Chinese green tea provides a delightful aroma.  The beautiful color, extraordinary taste and aroma combine to create a treat for the senses of the tea lover.

Whether or not you are a green tea fan, you need to try Green Dragon Tea.  This high quality organic green tea will be a pleasant surprise.  Loaded with healthy antioxidants and a calming amino acid, it’s a great drink any time of the day.  With these added health benefits, this beverage is the perfect choice.   Buy your Green Dragon from Mighty Leaf Tea award-winning tea pouches, packed with delicious artisanal flavors.


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Benefits of Green Dragon Tea

It is no secret that tea has been an important part of Chinese life for centuries.  One recent research report indicated that increased consumption of green tea by adults seemed to increase life expectancy.   This was based on a scientific study of the telomere lengthening in Chinese adults.  To achieve a serious health benefit from green tea, it is important that quality leaves are used; Green Dragon Tea provides that quality and is one of the best!

There have been numerous reports that drinking Green Dragon Tea daily has significantly lowered bad cholesterol.  Another excellent health benefit is the detoxification of the body.  The sweet taste of Green Dragon Tea by Mighty Leaf Tea offers a wonderful and pleasant method of staying healthy.

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Green Dragon Tea contains high levels of antioxidants.  It has been well established that the antioxidants may reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.  It is also believed that they fight cancer, heart disease as well as numerous other health issues.  Extensive research is ongoing to determine exactly how these antioxidants fight disease.

Find Organic Green Dragon Tea

After doing a lot of research, Mighty Leaf Tea online provides the best prices on organic Green Dragon Tea.  The leaves are placed in silken tea pouches.  Top quality green tea leaves placed in convenient and easy to use pouches make staying healthy so simple.  You can also simplify the brewing process by using the Zarafina Tea Maker.




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Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf Review

One of the most popular specialty tea blends from Mighty Leaf is Green Tea Tropical.  True of all gourmet teas, it starts with high quality whole green tea leaves.  Added to fresh quality tea leaves arGreen-Tea-Tropical-by-Mighty-Leafe the natural flavors of several tropical fruits, flower petals, and pieces of pineapple.  These ingredients are blended to create a refreshing delicious tea.  The delightful aroma prepares your sense of taste for this excellent tea treat. 

Green Tea Tropical  has a unique taste that has great appeal to both green tea fanatics and those who have avoided green tea.   Many green teas have a somewhat bitter taste.  This tea has a smooth, fruity and slightly sweet taste.  What a fantastic way to reap the many benefits of green tea while enjoying Green Tea Tropical.  It can be served hot or iced with equally great results.

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Green Tea Tropical – 3 Pack Saver (3-15 pouch boxes)

Brew Green Tea

There are numerous ideas about how to make green tea.  Overall, no matter which method you choose, there are a few things necessary for great green tea.  To experience the best taste, you need high quality tea leaves, quality water, the correct water temperature and the correct steeping time.   With a little experimenting, you will quickly learn what works best for your personal taste.

When you discover the available delicious green tea blends, a little extra attention to the brewing process will be worthwhile.  Blends such as Green Tea Tropical by Mighty Leaf are available in the Tea Pouches or as traditional loose leaf.

There is also a fantastic option for those tea drinkers wanting perfect tea every time.  If you drink tea frequently, the Zarafina Tea Maker  should be seriously considered.  It is ideal for all types of tea, including green tea, and provides an option for your personal strength preference.

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Green Tea Tropical – 3 Pack Saver (3-15 pouch boxes)


Health Benefits of Green Tea 

Drinking Green Tea Tropical on a regular basis is more than a delightful taste treat.  The health benefits of green tea are numerous.  Research is ongoing but studies have established that antioxidants are found in green tea at elevated levels.  

Green tea has been a great aid to dieters.  The studies on cancer, heart disease, high cholesterol and a multitude of other health problems have revealed positive results when green tea was part of the treatment.  Skin and hair also benefit from green tea.  For the ultimate benefits for hair and skin, a two-pronged approach has been recommended.  Drink green tea daily and use the skin care and hair care products that include green tea as an ingredient for substantial improvement.


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Mighty Leaf Tea Review 

The success of Mighty Leaf Tea is an excellent testimony to the power of passion, persistence and superior customer service.  In 1995, Gary Shinner and Jill Portman opened a teahouse in San Francisco.  This was the result of their passion for tea.  It was their passion and love of tea and the tea ceremony that resulted in the creation of new tea blends.

Knowing the importance of creating new tea blends to attract tea connoisseurs, Mighty Leaf  Tea took another step forward as trailblazers of the silken mesh bag.  This enabled the use of whole leaf teas in exact portions to brew quality tea.  Later another progressive step was taken with the creation of the silken mesh Tea Pouch.  With the Tea Pouch, Mighty Leaf Tea was able to use fuller tea leaves as well as fruit chunks for the ultimate cup of tea.  Without question, the Tea Pouch enhanced the tea experience.

From a small teahouse to a major producer and distributor of high quality tea, Mighty Leaf Tea never lost sight of their customers.  Mighty Leaf Tea provides a huge variety of gourmet teas and tea blends.  The teas are available in Tea Pouches and as loose leaf tea.  Long time consumers of the tea blends in the Tea Pouches have been pleased with the excellent gourmet quality of the various teas.   Tea Lovers Love Our Teas.  Savor award-winning tea pouches, packed with delicious artisanal flavors.

Tea Pouches by Mighty Leaf

Although Mighty Leaf Tea can be purchased as loose leaf, many consumers prefer the convenience of the handcrafted silken Tea Pouches.  The Tea Pouches are biodegradable and do not contain any flavor that would interfere with the tea taste.  Fans of the Tea Pouches appreciate the large size which allows the tea leaves to expand for full flavor.

Mighty Leaf Tea offers tea lovers high quality Tea Pouches, loose tea, iced tea, tea ware and much more.  The best prices for Mighty Leaf teas and their other related merchandise has been found online.

Mighty Leaf brings top quality whole leaf teas from around the world.  Dedicated to consistency and quality, Mighty Leaf Tea blends and packages their teas.  Known for signature tea blends, every ingredient is reviewed and carefully examined.  Mighty Leaf Tea has set high standards for flavor, aroma and color; each standard must be met for each ingredient.

Customer Feedback 

During extensive research, I found thousands of positive customer reviews and comments.  Overall, every type of tea and the various tea blends were praised for great aroma, high quality and unique flavors.  It was interesting to note that numerous tea drinkers became “green tea converts” after drinking several of the Mighty Leaf green tea blends; one of the favorites was Green Tea Tropical.

There were consumers that complained about the cost of the Mighty Leaf teas; however, those same consumers commented on the gourmet quality of the tea.


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Apricot Green Tea Reviewed

apricot-green-tea-from-Adagio-TeasA blend of high quality green tea from China and the sweet delicate flavor of apricots have made Apricot Green Tea a favorite.  It is refreshing served iced or hot.

For anyone new to green tea, Apricot Green Tea is a great way to start your green tea adventure.  The flavor is sweet and fruity without any bitterness.  This is one of the few teas that has a flavor consistent with the aroma.

Green tea, in general, has often been described as having a bitter taste; bitterness, of course, may be the result of improper brewing.  Certain guidelines need to be followed when you are brewing green tea for a great taste.

Apricots provide a wonderful scent so this is a real treat for your sense of taste and sense of smell.  It is also available in decaf for anyone watching caffeine consumption.

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First of all, apricots have numerous health benefits, whether fresh or dried.  Dried apricots are very high in potassium as well as fiber and vitamin A.  One word of CAUTION for anyone allergic to sulfites: avoid orange dried apricots.  The brown organic dried apricots do not have sulfites.  Because apricots are high in iron, they are frequently a part of the treatment for anemia.

Now let’s look at just a couple of health benefits of green tea.  A study in 2009 at Okayama University confirmed that regular and frequent consumption of green tea lowered the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Those in the study that drank “seven or more cups a day” had a “55-75% lower risk” of cardiovascular disease than those who drank only one cup a day.

Loaded with antioxidants, this tea is beneficial when consumed internally and when used externally as an ingredient in skin care.  Researchers have agreed that the antioxidants fight disease and slow the aging process and the negative effects of aging.

Apricot Green Tea has combined two powerful sources of health benefits in one delightful tea.  This has to be one of the most pleasant ways to stay healthy.  For anyone watching their weight, this drink can be helpful.

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The Apricot Green Tea received an incredible number of positive reviews.  It was impressive to learn that even the customers “not a daily tea drinker” have fallen in love with this flavorful tea.  It was highly recommended as a smooth sweet tea with the great taste of apricots.  It is especially good iced.

On the negative side, a few customers found the tea a little too sweet.


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How To Make Green Tea

how-to-make-green-teaThere are numerous opinions on how to brew green tea.  In spite of the many ideas on this subject, there seem to be a few points that find all green tea drinkers in agreement. 

Overall, there is consensus on the importance of the quality of the tea, the water, water temperature and how long the tea is steeped.   If you want to learn how to make green tea, there are a few basic guidelines.

What Kind of Green Tea is Best?

First, to achieve a great tasting green tea with the ultimate health benefits, start with high quality loose green tea.  Tea bags can, of course, be used to brew green tea; for the absolute best cup of tea, small loose tea leaves is the best option.  These tea leaves will provide a better taste and the maximum level of antioxidants.

Be sure the tea you are using is fresh.  Most high quality tea will have an expiration date on the packaging.  In general, green tea has a shelf life of six months.  As soon as it has been opened, store the tea in a cool dry place.  The opened tea should be used in two to three months.

What Should I Know About the Water?

Second, you need to use quality water.  It is best to use filtered or bottled water because it has a definite affect on the taste.

Next, the water temperature is a major key to brewing green tea with the best taste.  This is possibly the one step that creates the most problems.  For most green tea, you should bring the water to the point of boiling (about 175F) but do not boil; remove from the heat.  Because this step is so important to the final result, you should use a thermometer.

Brew the Tea

Finally, brew (steep) the tea for one to two minutes.  Brewing green tea longer will give your tea a bitter taste.

As you are learning how to make green tea, be patient.  It may take some experimenting to get the taste you enjoy.  Remember that taste is subjective and not everyone will agree on which taste is better.  Fine tuning your method of brewing green tea is worth the effort.  In the end, you will enjoy a delicious cup of tea with extraordinary health benefits.

white-monkey-green-tea-from-AdagioWHAT IS WHITE MONKEY GREEN TEA

Another excellent green tea from Adagio Teas is White Monkey Green Tea.  This is a real taste pleaser. 

From the Fujian province of China, we receive White Monkey Green Tea.  Although the color “white” is included in the name, it is in reality green tea.

The leaves of  White Monkey Green Tea are large and white tipped.  The leaves are covered in a fine silvery white down which led to the name of the tea.  The climate and altitude of the Fujian province is perfect for producing the finest green tea.  The tea leaves are carefully handpicked, gently steamed and dried.  The tea is mild and delicate.

White Monkey Green Tea has a fresh sweet scent and a somewhat earthy taste.  There is no hint of bitterness with this tea.  One key to the proper brewing of White Monkey tea is the correct water temperature.  It is important not to over-heat it.

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As a green tea, White Monkey Green Tea is high in antioxidants.  Antioxidants have been found effective in fighting disease and as an aid to slow the aging process.  Many research studies have been done and there will be many more in the future as researchers attempt to confirm the extraordinary health benefits seen by those who drink green tea on a regular basis.  Green tea may prove to be a fighter for one major health problem, cancer. 

It is believed that the polyphenols in green tea fight cancer.  One research study found that Japanese men have a lower than average rate of esophageal cancer in spite of the fact that 75% of these men smoke cigarettes.  The only commonality was their consumption of large amounts of green tea.

High levels of antioxidants and polyphenols are found in White Monkey Green Tea making this a tea with excellent health benefits.  This high quality green tea is only available from Adagio Teas.

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The light subtle taste has made White Monkey Green Tea a favorite.  Even tea drinkers that have avoided green tea were surprised and pleased with this delicious sweet green tea.  As a result, many tea drinkers added this green tea to their list of favorites.

Many customers stated that after drinking White Monkey Tea, they became green tea “converts”.  It can be enjoyed hot or iced, with added sweeteners or “as is”.

The sweet crisp flavor is very refreshing and makes this an excellent iced tea.  Some tea drinkers described the flavor as “fruity and earthy”.

The few customers that did not enjoy White Monkey Green Tea felt that it “lacked any real flavor”.  One customer said he couldn’t seem to brew the tea to get a good taste; it was either too weak or too bitter.   As we know, proper brewing is a key to the ultimate taste of any tea.  A little patience and some experimenting should easily resolve the brewing issue.

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