Eat-Green-Tea-ReviewEat Green Tea Review

 You may enjoy drinking green tea but have you explored the health benefits derived when you eat green tea?  For many consumers, the number one question is whether it is safe to eat green tea.  Obviously this is an extremely important issue.

First of all, if you want to add edible green tea to your health plan, you need to consider the source of the tea.  Be sure the tea is organic and also that it has been tested for mercury, cadmium, lead and arsenic.  The Eat Green Tea Company has tested samples from around the world to be sure the tea is pure and healthy. 

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Health Benefits When You Eat Green Tea 

Research has confirmed that loose green tea for drinking contains high levels of antioxidants which improve health and may prevent serious diseases.  When you eat green tea, there is a significant increase in the antioxidants.  The whole leaf provides 95 times more than the green tea you drink!  As a bonus, there are other vitamins and minerals in green tea leaves.

When you eat green tea, there will be an increased level of energy.  This should be noticed within a few days of introducing the edible green tea into your diet.  This, of course, is a short term health benefit.  Based on the studies completed, researchers are optimistic about the effect of green tea on high cholesterol.  Reduction of high cholesterol, cancer prevention and improved heart health are health benefits that will take more time to confirm.

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Is Green Tea in Bags Edible

This is a frequent question and the answer is a definite “no”.  Tea bags contain tea leaves along with stems and dust.  These tea leaves have not been tested for chemicals and toxins.  The goal is to improve your health so it is extremely important that you eat green tea that is pure and safe.

How Do I Eat Green Tea

There are numerous recipes available.  In general, it can be added to entrees, desserts, and drinks – just about anything you consume – and new recipes continue to be created.  Of course, it can be eaten plain but it is so easy to add to a shake or enjoy it in food.

Because green tea has proven beneficial to hair, skin, weight control and overall health, it is certainly worth adding this natural nutrient to your daily routine.  So, eat green tea daily and watch for the great results. 


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