If you love tea but struggle with the brewing process, you will love the Breville One Touch Tea Maker.  This tea maker is a true dream.  Brewing tea, especially green tea, can be a little tricky.  Breville provides the perfect cup of green tea each and every time.  Of course, this tea maker can brew any type of tea.

With the Breville Tea Maker, you can set it up the night before and your fresh tea will be ready in the morning.  It also features a one hour warming setting.  It lets you know how much time has passed since the tea was brewed.  Although the tea maker cannot be placed in the dishwasher, it is easy to clean; simply clean with baking soda or vinegar or a mild detergent.

Learn More About Breville One Touch Tea Maker

Benefits of Breville Tea Maker

The primary benefit of the Breville One Touch Tea Maker is the fact that it does exactly what it advertises: brews great tea.  With this machine, you don’t need to have special expertise to brew excellent tea.  It is also a huge time saver.  Simply set the type of tea you’re brewing, your preferred strength, add high quality tea leaves and quality water.  Now, push the start button and relax.  When the tea is ready, it will beep three times.  That’s it!

If you have experimented with various tea blends, it has become crystal clear that some of the special loose leaf teas are a little pricey.  The Breville Tea Maker lets you enjoy every bit of that special tea; no more wasted tea because of brewing mistakes.  It is frustrating and expensive to dump out a pot of tea because the taste is horrible.

Another benefit of this tea maker is its ability to operate as an electric kettle.  Leave the basket out and you can boil water for something other than tea.

The Breville  is well made and is an attractive addition to your small appliances.  Under the base of this machine is a space for storing the electric cord.  Your tea maker will look great on the counter with no cord clutter.

 Breville One Touch Tea Maker


Drawbacks to Breville Tea Maker

If you are not a frequent tea drinker, the price tag may not be worth it.  On the other hand, if you enjoy trying new loose leaf tea blends, it will be worth every penny.

For the tea drinkers that have perfected the art of brewing tea, you probably also enjoy the whole tea ritual.  If that’s you, this tea maker may not be a good fit.


Some Breville Background

In 1932 the Breville Company was founded in Australia.  The company started by making radios.  It has since expanded and now has bases around the world, including the United States.  Breville now has a long list of small appliances produced by the company.  The Breville One Touch Tea Maker is just one of the company’s first class products.


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Tea-For-More-Glass-TeapotTea for More Teapot Review

Do you enjoy blooming green tea?  This gorgeous glass Tea for More Teapot by Teaposy holds 48 ounces of your favorite flowering green tea.  Your tea experience will be enhanced with this glass teapot.  It features a bamboo handle and a stand to fully display its beauty.  Each Tea for More Teapot is handmade which guarantees a finished product that is totally unique.

Included with the Teaposy is a removable glass loose-leaf tea infuser; this makes it ideal for your loose leaf green tea.  The Tea for More Teapot is made of Borosilicate glass and can withstand temperatures ranging from -4 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.  Use this glass teapot with flowering green tea and magnify the entire experience.  

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Benefits of Tea for More Teapots

The first obvious benefit of this glass teapot is the effect it has on your tea experience.  You can relax and nurture your soul with its beauty.  The scent of the flowers in your flowering tea will pleasantly involve your sense of smell. 

The size of this glass teapot allows you to make enough tea to share with guests.  You will have more time to sit back with your friends and really get into the moment,

Enjoying this beautiful adventure does not compromise the amazing health benefits of this beverage.  High quality blooming green tea balls contain all the great antioxidants that are so fantastic.  Green tea, of course, has the highest levels of these antioxidants.

Using blooming teas in your Tea for More Glass Teapot by Teaposy provides a convenient way to prepare tea.  As always, to achieve the best taste results and the optimum health benefits, be sure you purchase high quality green tea and use quality water.

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It’s important to note that the Tea for More Teapot is made of 20% recycled material.  It was also interesting to learn that despite bumps and bangs this glass teapot has proven sturdy.  The Tea for More Teapot is a wonderful gift for your tea lover friends or how about as a gift for you?

Are You New to Flowering Tea?

For those who have never experienced flowering tea, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  There are some wonderful flowering green teas available.  So, get your favorite tea, a glass teapot and be prepared for the ultimate tea experience.  You will want to add this to your tea adventure as a regular treat.




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Cast Iron Teapot Review

Are you considering the purchase of a Japanese cast iron teapot?  First of all, these teapots have been made in Japan for years and are absolutely the best!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These cast iron teapots are also known as the tetsubin.

Given the proper care, your cast iron teapot will provide years of great tea.  It could easily become a family heirloom.  With this in mind, take the time to find one that meets your needs and one that appeals to you.  Many green tea drinkers prefer a cast iron teapot, but these teapots are actually excellent for all types of tea.  Consider the size of the teapot; if you brew a lot of green tea, be sure it is large enough to allow the leaves to expand.

Although there are some very unique and unusual designs, be sure the teapot is functional.  Of course, this does not apply if you are purchasing the teapot for a collection or strictly as a piece of beautiful art.  In that situation, you may want something extreme.

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Benefits of a Cast Iron Teapot

For those who enjoy tea frequently, a cast iron teapot is ideal.  You will have a sturdy piece of tea ware that never fails to provide a great result.  Because the heat is evenly distributed, brewing excellent tea becomes much easier.  Another fantastic benefit comes from the heat retention of cast iron – your tea stays hot!

Serving green tea from a cast iron teapot insures great tasting tea every time.  Since there are so many styles and designs available, you can impress your guests with a gorgeous teapot.  Most cast iron teapots have a thin layer of enamel inside to prevent rust.  These teapots are a low maintenance utensil, but they do require some special attention.

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Care of a Cast Iron Teapot

Although these teapots are fairly low maintenance, they do need specific care.  Before using a cast iron teapot for the first time, it needs to be seasoned.  Simply fill the pot with hot, not boiling, water and swish the water around, pour out the water and dry the inside and outside with a cloth.

Follow any directions that may be included with the teapot.  After you have brewed tea, toss out the leaves, rinse with hot water and thoroughly pat dry.  Be sure your cast iron teapot is dry inside and outside to avoid problems with rust.

Never scrub the tetsubin with abrasive pads and never use detergent.  Never place the cast iron teapot in a dishwasher or microwave.



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Ceramic Teapots Review

Many tea drinkers have found ceramic teapots ideal for that regular morning cup of tea.  Perfect for making green tea, you will find just the right ceramic teapot.  There are so many sizes, designs and colors available, you’ll probably end up with more than one!

The tea experience is so much more than gulping down a hot or cold beverage.  It is meant to enjoy and relax as you sip.  Ceramic teapots offer a fantastic brewing tool while they grace your table with beauty and elegance.  Whether you have tea alone or with guests, ceramic teapots are a perfect choice.

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What Should Green Tea Drinkers Consider

If you are shopping for a ceramic teapot  for green tea, there are a few basic things to remember.  The size and design of the teapot is extremely important.  As you consider the size, remember that the leaves need room to expand; however, the teapot should not be too large.

When you make green tea, you will frequently find that tiny particles have been created.  Be sure the teapot has a stainless steel screen filter; most teapots have a built-in strainer.

Give some thought to the thickness of the ceramic because boiling water can break thin ceramic.  Also check the handle and be sure it is sturdy.  You want a handle that can safely lift a full pot of tea.

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Why Drink Green Tea

With so many green tea blends  available, it is easy to find one that pleases the taste buds.  Not all green tea tastes the same and the right ceramic teapot can influence the flavor.  Extensive research has been conducted and definite health benefits confirmed.  All tea contains powerful antioxidants with green tea at the top of the list.

Green tea health benefits range from the upset tummy of a child to cancer and heart disease.  Research studies continue and the results continue to offer promise of more health benefits.  Although tea contains caffeine, the level is much lower than that found in coffee.

The green tea blends have certainly added to the popularity of this healthy beverage.  For those that want to totally eliminate caffeine, you will find delicious green tea decaf blends.  So, if you are looking for a great taste along with serious health benefits, green tea is ideal.  Brew it in a beautiful ceramic teapot and get ready to enjoy the tea experience.


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Zarafina Tea Maker Review

For anyone that enjoys a great cup of tea, the Zarafina Tea Maker is ideal.  There are settings for each time of tea to insure correct water temperature and steeping time.  If you are just learning how to make green tea, having the exact temperature setting is key to an excellent result.  There is also a separate setting for loose or bagged tea.

Zarafina has taken the guess work out of brewing tea.  For the novice tea drinker, the Zarafina Tea Maker enables you to experience the best cup of tea with little effort.  More advanced tea drinkers will be able to explore various options for fusion of tea leaves and water.  Easy to use, this tea maker will provide excellent results for those new to tea as well as the more experienced tea connoisseur.

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What Does Zarafina Tea Suite Provide?

This electric tea maker includes a ceramic teapot, two tea cups and a serving tray.  Zarafina has created an attractive useful appliance; the dark shale color has been accented with stainless steel.  You will be pleased to have this tea maker on your countertop.

Benefits of Zarafina Tea Maker

By using the Zarafina Tea Maker, you can be confident that the brewed tea will be perfect.  The tea maker eliminates brewing mistakes that result in wasted tea.  Green tea can be somewhat tricky because the water temperature and steeping time need to be precise.  With the Zarafina’s technology, these factors and the potential problems have been resolved.

As you experiment with the various types of tea and tea blends, it will become clear that the ultimate taste is affected by the quality of the tea and water, steeping time and the type of teapot.  Ceramic teapots are favored by many tea drinkers, but this is certainly a personal preference.  When serving tea to guests, ceramic teapots are frequently used because of their beauty.

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Easy to Use Zarafina Tea Maker

Using the Zarafina Tea Maker is extremely simple to use.  Four easy steps and will achieve perfect tea.  This enables you to serve and enjoy the tea without concern about the possibility of a negative result.

First, fill the steeping chamber with high quality water.  Then place the selected tea leaves or bags into the infuser basket.  You are now ready to adjust the settings for the type of tea and the strength preference.  Finally, turn on the power and the process begins.

When the tea brewing process has completed, it is automatically dispensed into the ceramic teapot.  You can now relax and enjoy superb tea.

In researching the Zarafina Tea Maker, I found hundreds  of positive comments.  There were only a few negative remarks that commented on the price.  Overall, if you love tea and drink it frequently, this is an appliance that will serve you well.



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Yixing Teapots Reviewed

The Yixing Teapots may well be the most unique teapots as well as absolutely the best teapots available.  Inexpensive Yixing Teapots are made by a process known as slipcasting  and the more expensive teapots are handmade.  There are collectors’ Yixing Teapots that sell for over a thousand dollars!

Serious tea connoisseurs dedicate one variety of tea to each Yixing Teapot.  This makes this teapot an excellent choice for green tea.  Brewing green tea can be a bit of a challenge; use of the same teapot enhances the flavor of the tea.

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How Is a Yixing Teapot Different?

Although the Yixing Teapots are available in an unlimited assortment of styles, these teapots are, in general, small than western made teapots.  They are made from clay found in China.  Because they are not glazed, the teapots are porous and absorb the flavor and aroma of the tea.  This gives the tea an intricate taste.

These teapots should never be cleaned with any type of detergent – clean with water only!  After thoroughly rinsed, allow it to air dry.  Over time the exterior of your clay teapot will change color and will become increasingly glossy.

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How to Prepare a Yixing Teapot for Use

Before you prepare your Yixing Teapot for its first use, remember that these clay teapots are porous.  Being porous is one of the great features because they absorb the tea flavor and aroma, but they can also absorb other things.  Never place your teapot near anything with a smell or that smell may be absorbed by your teapot!  Secondly, never use soap or detergent on your teapot.

It is important that you take some simple steps to prepare your Yixing Teapot for use.  Start by rinsing any dust or clay residue from the inside using cold water.  Dry with paper towels to be sure it is free of dust or residue.

Next, fill the teapot with clean water and bring to a boil.  At that point, add a handful of tea (the variety you intend to use for this teapot) and bring to a boil.  Allow it to gently boil for five minutes.  Remove the tea leaves and continue to boil for thirty minutes.  Empty the teapot and allow it to air dry.  You are ready to enjoy great green tea or your chosen favorite.

There are, of course, other methods for seasoning your Yixing Teapot but this one is effective.

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Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle Reviewed


Correct brewing temperature is a major key to great taste when making green tea.  The electric tea kettle by Cuisinart is ideal; it has six preset heat settings with one specific setting for brewing green tea.  The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Tea Kettle is loaded with features.  Because the kettle can be used for all types of tea as well as coffee, the Cuisinart Electric Kettle has great appeal for numerous consumers.

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The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle is made entirely of stainless steel.  Kettles made with plastic parts frequently adversely affect the taste of the water and ultimately the tea.  It has a removable filter that can be washed and reused.  Green tea drinkers understand that good high quality water is required when you brew green tea.


There is an automatic shutoff that protects the Cuisinart Electric Kettle from boiling dry and potentially causing damage to the kettle.  Water heats quickly and accurately by using the preset temperature control.  The water remains at the temperature selected for up to thirty minutes.  For busy users, the speed and reliability of this electric tea kettle is a great convenience.  It also gives you a little beep when the water is ready.

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Not only is this electric tea kettle well made and reliable, it is attractive.  The base is very small and with the kettle on the base, it looks like one unit.  With the brushed stainless steel finish and the blue LED buttons, it looks great on the counter.  The base also has a 360 degree power swivel for convenience.

Although the Cuisinart Electric Kettle  may be considered a little pricey, the majority of consumers considered the features well worth the money.  For green tea drinkers, the ultimate cup of perfect tea made this kettle a great value.

Because the kettle heats up quickly, there was some concern that the outside of the kettle itself was hot enough to burn.  On the other hand, those same consumers commented that the handle remains cool; the handle, of course, would be used to pick up the kettle.

For anyone that drinks a lot of tea, especially green tea, the Cuisinart Eletric Tea Kettle is a worthwhile investment.  You will save time and there will be no more wasted green tea because of incorrect brewing temperature.  You will be able to brew your favorite green tea, sit back and relax with a perfect cup of tea.

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