Yixing Teapots Reviewed

The Yixing Teapots may well be the most unique teapots as well as absolutely the best teapots available.  Inexpensive Yixing Teapots are made by a process known as slipcasting  and the more expensive teapots are handmade.  There are collectors’ Yixing Teapots that sell for over a thousand dollars!

Serious tea connoisseurs dedicate one variety of tea to each Yixing Teapot.  This makes this teapot an excellent choice for green tea.  Brewing green tea can be a bit of a challenge; use of the same teapot enhances the flavor of the tea.

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How Is a Yixing Teapot Different?

Although the Yixing Teapots are available in an unlimited assortment of styles, these teapots are, in general, small than western made teapots.  They are made from clay found in China.  Because they are not glazed, the teapots are porous and absorb the flavor and aroma of the tea.  This gives the tea an intricate taste.

These teapots should never be cleaned with any type of detergent – clean with water only!  After thoroughly rinsed, allow it to air dry.  Over time the exterior of your clay teapot will change color and will become increasingly glossy.

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How to Prepare a Yixing Teapot for Use

Before you prepare your Yixing Teapot for its first use, remember that these clay teapots are porous.  Being porous is one of the great features because they absorb the tea flavor and aroma, but they can also absorb other things.  Never place your teapot near anything with a smell or that smell may be absorbed by your teapot!  Secondly, never use soap or detergent on your teapot.

It is important that you take some simple steps to prepare your Yixing Teapot for use.  Start by rinsing any dust or clay residue from the inside using cold water.  Dry with paper towels to be sure it is free of dust or residue.

Next, fill the teapot with clean water and bring to a boil.  At that point, add a handful of tea (the variety you intend to use for this teapot) and bring to a boil.  Allow it to gently boil for five minutes.  Remove the tea leaves and continue to boil for thirty minutes.  Empty the teapot and allow it to air dry.  You are ready to enjoy great green tea or your chosen favorite.

There are, of course, other methods for seasoning your Yixing Teapot but this one is effective.

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