Cuisinart Electric Tea Kettle Reviewed


Correct brewing temperature is a major key to great taste when making green tea.  The electric tea kettle by Cuisinart is ideal; it has six preset heat settings with one specific setting for brewing green tea.  The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Tea Kettle is loaded with features.  Because the kettle can be used for all types of tea as well as coffee, the Cuisinart Electric Kettle has great appeal for numerous consumers.

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The Cuisinart PerfecTemp Electric Kettle is made entirely of stainless steel.  Kettles made with plastic parts frequently adversely affect the taste of the water and ultimately the tea.  It has a removable filter that can be washed and reused.  Green tea drinkers understand that good high quality water is required when you brew green tea.


There is an automatic shutoff that protects the Cuisinart Electric Kettle from boiling dry and potentially causing damage to the kettle.  Water heats quickly and accurately by using the preset temperature control.  The water remains at the temperature selected for up to thirty minutes.  For busy users, the speed and reliability of this electric tea kettle is a great convenience.  It also gives you a little beep when the water is ready.

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Not only is this electric tea kettle well made and reliable, it is attractive.  The base is very small and with the kettle on the base, it looks like one unit.  With the brushed stainless steel finish and the blue LED buttons, it looks great on the counter.  The base also has a 360 degree power swivel for convenience.

Although the Cuisinart Electric Kettle  may be considered a little pricey, the majority of consumers considered the features well worth the money.  For green tea drinkers, the ultimate cup of perfect tea made this kettle a great value.

Because the kettle heats up quickly, there was some concern that the outside of the kettle itself was hot enough to burn.  On the other hand, those same consumers commented that the handle remains cool; the handle, of course, would be used to pick up the kettle.

For anyone that drinks a lot of tea, especially green tea, the Cuisinart Eletric Tea Kettle is a worthwhile investment.  You will save time and there will be no more wasted green tea because of incorrect brewing temperature.  You will be able to brew your favorite green tea, sit back and relax with a perfect cup of tea.

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