Ceramic Teapots Review

Many tea drinkers have found ceramic teapots ideal for that regular morning cup of tea.  Perfect for making green tea, you will find just the right ceramic teapot.  There are so many sizes, designs and colors available, you’ll probably end up with more than one!

The tea experience is so much more than gulping down a hot or cold beverage.  It is meant to enjoy and relax as you sip.  Ceramic teapots offer a fantastic brewing tool while they grace your table with beauty and elegance.  Whether you have tea alone or with guests, ceramic teapots are a perfect choice.

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What Should Green Tea Drinkers Consider

If you are shopping for a ceramic teapot  for green tea, there are a few basic things to remember.  The size and design of the teapot is extremely important.  As you consider the size, remember that the leaves need room to expand; however, the teapot should not be too large.

When you make green tea, you will frequently find that tiny particles have been created.  Be sure the teapot has a stainless steel screen filter; most teapots have a built-in strainer.

Give some thought to the thickness of the ceramic because boiling water can break thin ceramic.  Also check the handle and be sure it is sturdy.  You want a handle that can safely lift a full pot of tea.

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Why Drink Green Tea

With so many green tea blends  available, it is easy to find one that pleases the taste buds.  Not all green tea tastes the same and the right ceramic teapot can influence the flavor.  Extensive research has been conducted and definite health benefits confirmed.  All tea contains powerful antioxidants with green tea at the top of the list.

Green tea health benefits range from the upset tummy of a child to cancer and heart disease.  Research studies continue and the results continue to offer promise of more health benefits.  Although tea contains caffeine, the level is much lower than that found in coffee.

The green tea blends have certainly added to the popularity of this healthy beverage.  For those that want to totally eliminate caffeine, you will find delicious green tea decaf blends.  So, if you are looking for a great taste along with serious health benefits, green tea is ideal.  Brew it in a beautiful ceramic teapot and get ready to enjoy the tea experience.


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