Cast Iron Teapot Review

Are you considering the purchase of a Japanese cast iron teapot?  First of all, these teapots have been made in Japan for years and are absolutely the best!  They come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These cast iron teapots are also known as the tetsubin.

Given the proper care, your cast iron teapot will provide years of great tea.  It could easily become a family heirloom.  With this in mind, take the time to find one that meets your needs and one that appeals to you.  Many green tea drinkers prefer a cast iron teapot, but these teapots are actually excellent for all types of tea.  Consider the size of the teapot; if you brew a lot of green tea, be sure it is large enough to allow the leaves to expand.

Although there are some very unique and unusual designs, be sure the teapot is functional.  Of course, this does not apply if you are purchasing the teapot for a collection or strictly as a piece of beautiful art.  In that situation, you may want something extreme.

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Benefits of a Cast Iron Teapot

For those who enjoy tea frequently, a cast iron teapot is ideal.  You will have a sturdy piece of tea ware that never fails to provide a great result.  Because the heat is evenly distributed, brewing excellent tea becomes much easier.  Another fantastic benefit comes from the heat retention of cast iron – your tea stays hot!

Serving green tea from a cast iron teapot insures great tasting tea every time.  Since there are so many styles and designs available, you can impress your guests with a gorgeous teapot.  Most cast iron teapots have a thin layer of enamel inside to prevent rust.  These teapots are a low maintenance utensil, but they do require some special attention.

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Care of a Cast Iron Teapot

Although these teapots are fairly low maintenance, they do need specific care.  Before using a cast iron teapot for the first time, it needs to be seasoned.  Simply fill the pot with hot, not boiling, water and swish the water around, pour out the water and dry the inside and outside with a cloth.

Follow any directions that may be included with the teapot.  After you have brewed tea, toss out the leaves, rinse with hot water and thoroughly pat dry.  Be sure your cast iron teapot is dry inside and outside to avoid problems with rust.

Never scrub the tetsubin with abrasive pads and never use detergent.  Never place the cast iron teapot in a dishwasher or microwave.



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