Thanks for visiting my Best Green Tea Products site.  My name is Mel, and several years ago I became interested in tea and its any uses and benefits.  During a trip to England, I learned to really enjoy the taste of tea.  After some research, I discovered how many types of tea and tea blends are available.  During this research, I stumbled on green tea.  The health benefits are incredible!

As the research progressed, it became apparent that using high quality green tea (whether as a drink or in a skin care products) is the key to a good result.  For many years, I have believed that staying healthy or resolving health issues is best done by natural methods.  Yes, I do believe in doctors and they certainly need to be in charge of many health issues.  However, we do have a responsibility to pay attention to our own health and do our part to stay healthy.

This site provides reviews of some great green tea products that I have discovered.  Hopefully this information will help you decide if a certain products may be right for you.

Enjoy the site and please visit often.  My goal is to provide continuing information and reviews on the very best green tea products.  Feel free to share your thoughts as well.